Tuesday, August 08, 2006

chuuk athletics looking for office space

The Chuuk Athletics Association has been searching around for a possible work space on the island of Weno in Chuuk. Since it creation in the early 90's, the association ussually conducts its meetings the Chuuk State Recreation Office open area.
As an association that is serious about its own development and its contribution to the athletes and communities of Chuuk, CAA has to have a working room where it can conduct meetings, manage office duties, save files and records, etc.
Right now, there are not "employees" of CAA as it has no operation budget and significant financial basis. All operations are done by volunteers and the active members of the association witout pay or other benefits. The primary concern on hand is to locate an office area.
Fortunately, Mrs. Linda Mori Hartman, a long-time active woman volunteer leader and NGO's member in Chuuk, has offered to provide a small room at her old facility (what is known as the "bay view" area) for the associations use for a few months until such time that it can arrange for a permanent home.


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