Tuesday, March 27, 2007

High School Track and Field Championships

The dates for the high schools Track-and-Feild (Athletics) Championships in Chuuk are set for April 19, 26, and 27. At the moment, 8 schools have confirmed their participation in this year's competition.
The road races, 10 miles for boys and 5 miles for girls, will take place on the 19th. The prelims for 60 and 100 meters will be on the 26th. Finals will be on the next day. The events to be contested include:
60 meters
100 meters
Triple Jump
Long Jump
200 meters
400 meters
800 meters
1600 meters
road races (10 miles and 5 miles)
coconut husking
basket weaving

Results will be posted here.

The Chuuk Athletics Association has been the working arm for the Interscholastic Sports Commission in Chuuk when in comes to athltics championships for the past 12 years. That relationship is likely to be strengthened for future endeavors.


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