Monday, April 02, 2007

COM-FSM Chuuk celebrating college founding

girls passing baton in half-lap relay

Freedy Freeder a.k.a Tete in red shorts pushing ahead

Rain or shine, muddy or dry, who cares! The students and staff braved the gutsy winds at Andersen Field in Iras, Weno Island on March 30, 2007, commemorating the founding of the College of Micronesia-FSM with a field day.
The day started with a few student volunteers preparing for the day's events along with the student activity coordinator and two other maintenance crew. The first staff leader to show up was Mr. Kersweet Eria, librarian.
High light events for the day were the 100 meter heats and the tug-of-war finals. Because the field was extremely muddy, times were not taken for the individual runs. However, the favorite "Tete" outclassed everyone with easy runs among the boys while Cecilia Jack, Alexia Bossy, and Kimenta Topich quarreled for the female title. That quarel will have to be settled some other time as the officials could not put on a 100 meter finals due to extremely bad weather and outrageous track conditions. Let the pictures say the rest of the story.


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