Tuesday, May 08, 2007

FSM Relay Team At Pacific Games Threatened

In 2003, the FSM men 4x100 relay team surprised the rest of the Pacific with an "unexpected" achievement by winning the bronze closely behind the superpowers PNG and Fiji on the last day of competition in Suva. It was the first time ever a team from the "northern" Pacific clinced a medal in track and field relay action. Normally, those who are keen on performance analysis of Pacific runners would predict teams like Vanuatu, Solomons, and Tahiti to mingle with Fiji and PNG in sprint events -- not the FSM. They were proven wrong.

However, this year's Pacific Games (SPG) may not see a relay team from the FSM. In recent communication between a coach and the Secretary General of the FSM Athletics Association, funding shortage will hamper the athletes hope of trying to improve on the bronze medal this time. The sad thing is, it seems the association is so convinced trying against this obstacle is a waste of time -- there is no chance on the horizon that any substantial amount could be raised.

The athletes trying to go do not have a chance of convincing the FSM National Olympic Committee and the FSM Athletics Association by way of their competitive level as the FSM Games that was set for this June has been reduced to just fruitless gossip. It is a huge wonder how the FSM is going to select its athletes for the Pacific Games through a truly national approach without some kind of recognized competition. The sports themselves have to be extremely creative and be upfront with their athletes as far as fair selection process is concerned.

So should we expect not to see an FSM relay team in Apia this September? The answer is currently hinged on a huge question mark with a thin, very very thin dollar sign.


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