Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 5 for John Hamann: Andersen Field

On day 5, John Hamann continued his task, but this time different from the previous 4 days. Today being a pay day Friday, most public elementary schools are closed due to reduced work hours imposed by Chuuk government. Keitani Graham and his friends at SHIP HOOPS have organized a field day for 13 years and under at Andersen Field.

Over a hundred kids from Penia, Mechitiw, and nearby Iras neighborhood gathered on this beautiful sunny day and learned running, hopping, jumping, skipping with John Hamann. Later on, some throwing drills were also taught.

Several volunteers helped made the day an enjoyable one for the kids. A few members of the Chuuk Athletics Association (Marz, Donis, Epi, Rufin) helped Keitani, Steve, and Nakich from SHIP HOOPS. At the end of the day, SHIP HOOPS distributed anti-drugs and anti-violence brochures for the kids to take home as part of their on-going campaign against the influence of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and violence in general.

The day was a huge success.


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