Thursday, May 17, 2007

Onward to Sino Memorial School, Dublon Island

Four days after arriving in Chuuk, John Hamann, Adelaide based athletics trainer and coach, took his first boat-ride experience in Chuuk when he, Marz Akapito, and Donis Rudolph headed to Sino Memorial School on Dublon Island, Chuuk State, FSM.

Principal Setirik Nupeiset could not have been more enthusiastic about the visit. "We need to have a structured Phys-Ed programe at the elementary schools in Chuuk. At the moment, there is nothing going on in this area," he expressed with a hidden sadness behind the hospitable, jolly gestures that are his trademarks.

After a few minutes or recess, the 6th graders, found themselves hopped, jumped, ran, and walk to the calls from Mr. Hamann. There must have been easily over 40 kids that ended up joining the 45 minutes PE session.

For the next class period, even more kids from the 7th grade took up the lessons partly as an entertainment. John had a bit more work reminding the kids all the time that the they ought to try learn some "skills" (things) out of the encounter.

The day of visiting elementary schools ended for John, Marz, and Donis at Sapuk Elementary schools at about 2:30PM. More trips to the islands as well as the elementary schools on Weno are lined up.


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