Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Islands Gearing Up for Track Meets

The islands of Tonoas (Dublon) and Fefen have been preparing for their respective track and field meets on their islands.

Tonoas will hold its events on September 15, 16, 2006. Fefen will hold its varous events on Sept. 16, 23, and 30. Both islands look forward to competing in the State Champs during the Chuuk Goodwill Games, the date for which is not yet known. There is speculation that the Chuuk Goodwill Games may take place the end of the year, (December?).

The most coveted event now in the island(s) meets, it seems, is the "mile relay". It is run in 10 miles with each runner taking a mile.

It is Chuuk Athletics hope that more islands will compete in this year's State Champs. Last year only Weno, Fefen, Parem, Etten, and mixed team mostly from the Mortlocks participated.