Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jack and Maria

It has been nearly two weeks for Jack Howard and just a little over a week for Maria Ikelap since they set foot in Beijing on their way to experiencing for the first time what it is like to be at the Olympic Games. And these initial day leading to their debut, it has been nothing but more real hard work. Their anxiety only escelates with Coach Carl insisting that they put in the last minute work on startblocks and studying video clips of their own practices sessions and those of the more elite sprinters. Jack will run on 8/15 while Maria will do her part of the following day.
more to come...

fsm team in beijing 08

FSM delegation to the World Olympics in Beijing finally came together under one banner after months of separate trainings at various locations, even outside of the FSM. For months, the swimmers spent time training in Guam with other Guam swimmers. Manuel Minginfil of Yap has spent several months away from home in a number of places where the Oceania Weightlifting Training Center has taken him. He was also under sholarship from the FSM National Olympic Committee through grants from IOC Solidarity Funds. Our two athletics sprinters have been training at their home bases: For Jack Howard, home means Guam. For Maria Ikelap, Chuuk has been her only home.

Our lifter, Minginfil, has done his bid by lifting on 8/11/08. Although he did not secure any medal, he did amuse the enthusiastic Chinese audience and the small size FSM delegation that included President Many Mori by his display of power and style in what might very well be his last international and Olympic showdown.

More information will follow.