Tuesday, July 24, 2007

track and field competition in hawaii

The Chuukese Community of Hawaii has started providing track and field competitions for their youth as a way of bringing their members together. Last year, the Chuuk government secured $5000.00 for the purpose this event in Hawaii. Along with that, several government officials, including the Lt. Governor and the Vice-Speaker of the House of Reps flew to Honolulu to witness first hand the eventful competition.
For this year, this Chuukese Hawaii Community event has meant trips out of Chuuk for several athletes who are otherwise based at home. Sprinters like Tete Freddie have been lucky enough to have been donated free plane tickets from friends in Honolulu who wish for these runners to be a part of the fierce Chuukese-style track competition. In the past two years, only Jack and John Howard, Chuukese and Micronesian fastest sprinters who are Guam-based, have been extended such luck.
Chuuk is keeping its ears open to hear the result of this event which will take place on August 2 and 3, 2007, according to travelers who have returned from Honolulu. All the best to the athletes who will enjoy this competition and its organizers. Hope their athletic festivity is filled with so much Aloha and sportsmanship.