Tuesday, November 27, 2007

athletics at a rut

These few months since Pacific Games (August-September 2007), athletics in Chuuk has been in a rut. A few attempts to hold small competitions on Weno Island were hampered by several factors including weather, finance, lack of interest, shortage of organizers, etc.

Now, the challenge for athletics organizers is to get their mindset out of such rut. Yes, everyone seemes to be preoccupied with other important comitments. But, there is always a way to better manage events when mind and hearts are put together.

A competition for Fefen Island has been tentatively set for January 16, 2008. Chuuk Athletics tried to hold one sometime November 07. Obvious this needs to be rescheduled.

Some comps are on the horizon as far as interest and planning. Let us see if real action will follow.